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In the meantime, a few pictures from the Christmas

 Catching up………

A small contingent braved the forecast storms and lashing rain to enter the Laughton Cuckoo Fair, only to discover that the meteorological prognostications were, again, hopelessly wrong and we were bathed in warm sunshine all day.

We also attended the SCS Show at the

Bentley Wildfowl Trust - a slightly larger

contingent this time. Once again, the weather

was fine - we are obviously going to pay for

this later on!

No prizes on this occasion - but, being justly

proud of Our Achievement, we make no
apologies for including the picture of our club

prize from the Bluebell Show.


The line up.

Bacon buttys to start.

And a quiet afternoon in the sun.

Our Achievement! (Again!)

We also visited the Senlac Classic Car Show at Bodiam - excellent, if restricted, array of classics and probably the best cheeseburgers in the South of England. However, despite excellent organisation of parking by the Air Cadets in the morning, when we tried to leave, the same could not be said for the show organisers. It took us from 2.25 pm until 3.47 pm to be slowly funnelled around the field to the exit.  Spoiled an otherwise nice day.